Meet the artist: Yvonne Jeanette Masters

Hey guys! Welcome to my website! Thank you for being my guest here at H3aling Art.

Art is my passion and the love of my life.

I must give my artistic talent credit to my beloved Grandpa. He used to paint Pirate ships, flowers and other nature scenes. He passed on peacefully in his sleep February 15, 1997. Two of my uncles are also artists. As you can see, it is in my blood. I remember sitting at a little drawing table when I was about 3 or so and was told I would color for hours at a time. I am inspired by my hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida, with that crystal clear water of the Gulf of Mexico, nature, anything spiritual, beautiful souls (people and animals), Ancient civilizations and well, I am inspired by so much.

ps. i randomly put in "painting" as a gif, and look who and what showed up! haha.. omg.. too funny. I am definitely inspired by this man. Happy trees! Be ready for nerdy and silliness :)

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