Just Paint

Hey there! Sooo I just want to reach out to you all and say that for me, art is an escape from the matrix. People think I am go go go, which to some extent, I absolutely am. But..when I am alone and in my zone, so to speak, I am very chill and patient. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my artwork. I kind of just do it sometimes if that makes sense. I don't always have an exact vision or plan. I go with the flow, literally. This hand painted wood bowl is a perfect example of that. I had NO idea what I was going to put on this. It started with that white swirly thing in the middle and just went from there! I didn't know what colors I was going to use either. This bowl is free hand unpredictability. I feel that art doesn't have to have a plan always, and when you think you "messed up," you actually found a new technique! I find that to be the case at least. I would love to read your thoughts and if you experience the same thing! :)